A staging evaluation of your property should be an important part of selling any home before you list your property.   Many sellers fail to take advantage of this step.  Staging allows you to take better photos of your property for marketing and helps make your home as beautiful and inviting as possible to wow your potential buyers helping you to sell faster.  This saves homeowners money by not holding the property as long and is helpful by identifying the advantages of packing and culling some of their belonging early. 

   Staging is ideal for vacant investment properties or flips, but also important for homes or offices that are occupied during the sale process.  I am staging certified to do an evaluation of your property and recommendations that you can do to help you get ready to sell and show your home.  I am available to come back and stage specific areas if desired using your belongings with a few additions and some editing of what you have.  I also can arrange to stage vacant properties as well.  Call me for information, pricing details, and to set up an appointment to evaluate your specific situation and needs.